TECHNICON S.A. was founded in 2008 succeeding “C.Poutos Mechanical Engineer Public Works Enterprises” a contracting company which started in 1980 and has a major involvement in Industrial Projects, especially in engineering, design and construction of Fuel Installations and Energy facilities.

Our company is a contracting company designing and constructing on site, using as a prefabrication base its factory in A.I.Rentis and its head-quarters in Piraeus offices. We are certified with ISO 9001:2008 standard, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001 in “Engineering, design and construction of industrial installations”.

During the last 15 years we have delivered several important projects for major customers as ELVAL SA (the Greek Aluminum Producing Company),EKO, ARGO, PPC (Public Power Producing Company) both for Steam Powered Factories (Ag.Georgios,Aliveri and Lavrion) and Fuel Powered Factories sited at the majority of greek islands. At this field we are considered to be among the most important companies in committing and delivering the upgrading projects for their operation with low sulfur HFO.

Critical role in succeeding our field goals has the vertical organization of our sites since we use our private equipment and skilled personnel for construction, sandblasting, painting, insulation etc. under the direction of experienced engineers.  

Our company is listed in the official catalogues of Public Works and NATO projects.